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As the technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve, so do the capabilities that they offer for today’s society. From making daily activities easier to connecting information to once completely disconnected devices, the evolution of IoT can enable a more efficient world to live in. Knowing that there is continued work for this technology, let’s examine how IoT will soon positively affect your daily life.

Improved Healthcare
While most people either use or have heard of wearable technology, that is an IoT device that can make it easier for one to manage their health. More health apps are becoming available for download on a smartphone, and the apps can help monitor chronic health problems. For example, a person suffering from diabetes can use the app to help them keep track of their insulin levels, as well as when they need to check their levels. What makes these apps even better though, is that more doctors are implementing online portals that can connect with these health apps. Not only will people have a more efficient way of tracking their health problem, but doctors can monitor their progress remotely. This could reduce the number of doctor’s visits that many patients endure, and in time, can reduce the number of emergency room visits each year.

Safer Driving
In recent years, more focus has been shifted to creating more advanced technology in vehicles to make driving safer and more efficient. Most new cars now feature built-in technology in cars that can find the quickest routes, monitor traffic, and even warn drivers when getting too close to another car while driving. Additionally, more apps are being created that provide the most updated information about a driving route. For example, the phone app, Waze, allows drivers to input an update for minor distractions, like if they see a car on a shoulder for instance.

While these are already available for drivers, we can expect additional features to be used in the coming years. New IoT technology in cars will soon have the capability to not only measure everything in the car, like the lifespan of the latest oil change but will actually be able to notify the mechanic when it is time for an oil change.

Efficient Homes
Creating a safer, more efficient home may be one of the most exciting advances in IoT technology right now. Not only will families be able to rely on their refrigerator to monitor what food is needed from the grocery store, but more pieces of technology are expected to become more self-sufficient. This can reduce the amount of time that Americans spend on daily house chores. For families managing a busy life, putting sensors within their home can notify them if a door or window is left open, or is opened while they are away. IoT technology can make life safer and more efficient across the board.

The advancements that IoT technology will be presenting in the coming years will change the ways that we live our lives. Through better communication and more efficient tasks, humans will have the ability to complete tasks at a quicker rate than ever before.