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The future of technology is finally becoming a reality, and it will not be long until it begins to transform how our cities work. In recent years, more research has been invested in breakthroughs, including self-driving vehicles and smart technology. A major part of these advances has been a result of the Internet of Things, and its influence will only continue to expand. What are some of the biggest advances that cities around the world can expect in coming years?

Computer Vision
The concept behind computer vision can allow cameras and other visual sensors to keep track of a variety of patterns with traffic, and use it to improve the roads. For example, the technology will have the ability to help improve the efficiency of the area, while also reducing potential hazards to the public’s safety. Using smart technology, the computer will also be able to reduce the amount of energy that is being used on the streets. For example, when the computer registers low traffic conditions, it will reset the lights’ brightness, to save as much energy as possible. The data that can be collected and retained through computer vision has the potential to improve roads all around the country.

Edge Computing
Edge computing has the potential to transform the future of technology. To give an idea, edge computing would allow information to be processed at the actual source and does not need to be stored back in a data center, better known as the cloud. This can not only significantly increase the efficiency at which technology works, but it can open doors to substantial increases in smart technology. To give an example, a smart building would have the ability to read any differences within the building and make adjustments as necessary. If one of the offices within the building begins to drop in temperatures, edge computing could register this change and adjust the temperature as a result. Like computer vision, smart buildings can adjust energy use when an area is not in use, helping to reduce unnecessary usage.

With advances in IoT technology like computer vision and edge computing, our cities can become more sustainable and efficient than ever before. With more emphasis being placed on the significance of sustainability, the advances from IoT is proving to come at a critical time in our society.