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Don Barnetson


DON BARNETSON IS A SEASONED ENGINEERING, STRATEGY AND MARKETING EXECUTIVE LEADER WITH A TRACK RECORD OF INSIGHT AND EXECUTION. Driven by results that are not only groundbreaking but also sustainable, Don Barnetson finds his fuel in seemingly finite challenges – they only give him more opportunities to develop ideas for innovative technology and marketing strategies.

About Don Barnetson

With an impressive pair of scientific and business degrees and endless work experience, Don Barnetson is skilled in weaving together his expertise in multiple areas, strengthening a company’s structure and focus, and creating new products in record time.

In 1997, Barnetson earned his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary with his. After obtaining his degree, he spent time working as the Field Application Engineering Manager at Micron Technology, Inc. in 2001, both utilizing his engineering background and realizing he had a interest in management, and more generally, business. He returned to school in 2002 with a newfound passion and graduated from the Haas Business School at the University of California, Berkeley. He is now based in Campbell, California.

Taking on immense responsibility upon graduation and melding his expertise in science and technology with his business training, Barnetson became the Director of NAND Marketing at Samsung Electronics, and quickly moved on to become the Director of Market Development at Nanosys in the following year. He led the development and branding of their LED products and Methanol fuel cells. With managerial experience in fast-paced technological companies, Barnetson joined SanDisk in 2008 as the Senior Director of Marketing. While handling their growing marketing and sales development, he also managed an international team with ease. In 2009, when the company was going through a product change, Barnetson became their Senior Director of Strategy, guiding the company through shifting priorities and out of revenue instability.

Prepared and determined to use his demonstrated business skills to implement his own ideas, Barnetson tried his hand at co-founding his own company called TV Anytime in 2010, in which he developed the first DVR for streaming video, and gained start-up experience.

In 2012, Barnetson found the ultimate opportunity to utilize his efficiency, high levels of expertise, and original ideas. He started at Lunera as their Chief Technical Officer and Chief Product Officer. The company was falling under before he joined the team, but he rearranged their structure, goals, and product management. In no time, Barnetson led the development of the first type-A LED lamp, which uses 50% less power than other LED lamp designs and requires no electrician to install. Fitting with Barnetson’s values, the product is both profitable and sustainable, and turned an entire company around to astounding success.

Barnetson became a Consultant for technological or engineering businesses struggling with product development and marketing, and then moved on to Zorlu Ventures, where he works as the Head of Technology today. He operates in corporate development supporting the Zorlu Group, a firm based in Turkey. He handles partner companies and the merging of U.S. and European marketing methods.

Don Barnetson now holds 24 patents in LED lamp products, and is dedicated to the creation of new technology, branding mechanisms, and company restructuring. No challenge has ever stopped Barnetson from reworking a company’s wires to find its personalized potential.

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